“World Hydrogen 2024” Summit and Exhibition in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The delegation of “H2 Invest” took part in World’s largest event, dedicated to Hydrogen, which took place in Rotterdam on 13-15 of May. More than 2000 delegates from 130 countries met to solidify their continual commitment and partnership, to facilitate global springboard for hydrogen deals and project developments.

Our deputy-CEO, Mr. Victor Medvedev shared his key conclusions of the Summit and industrial mainstreams of “H2 Invest”:

“Major players in the hydrogen industry, including our international partners, are unanimous in their view, that infrastructural challenges continue to be a limiting factor for the development of the hydrogen transition. It is important to use infrastructure opportunities that do not impose geographical restrictions and do not create additional barriers to accelerate the transition.

We at “H2 Invest” believe that infrastructure is a paramount. That’s why we created our innovative multimodal container tank CryoSafe-42, which makes large-scale hydrogen logistics possible right now”.