Gazprombank adopted the Sustainable Development and Responsible Financing Policy, which includes financing of energy transition.

  • H2 Invest was founded as a professional managing office for hydrogen economy development. The main purpose of H2 Invest is implementation of hydrogen projects with the best growth potential in order to create a synergy for taking a leading position in hydrogen economy market.

  • Cryogenmash, the industrial site of H2 Invest for hydrogen projects, became a member of the Hydrogen Council. The Hydrogen Council is a global CEO-led initiative that brings together leading companies with a united vision and ambition for hydrogen to accelerate the clean energy transition.

  • R&D in CryoSafe-42 has been started.
  • Acquisition a stake in InEnergy – a technological leader in sustainable energy and electrochemical solutions for electric transport.

  • MOU between H2 Invest and National Technological Initiative Foundation in creation of a venture fund for hydrogen and electrochemical technologies.

  • National Hydrogen Union is founded.

  • R&D in CryoSafe-42 is completed.

  • The project to create serial production of CryoSafe-42 has been launched.
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